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The Weed World: Dandelion


Dandelion or, Taraxacum Officianalis, is truly everywhere. All year long, across the country, this ambitious “weed” thrives in the most diverse locations.  Though it behaves incredibly at home in North America, it is said to have been brought over from Europe - having originated in Greece and Central Asia. The latin name is known to come from the Greek word Taraxo (Disorder) and Lakos (Pain/Remedy) - a suggestion of it’s pretty prized place as a medicinal plant early on!

Dandelions are impressively resilient.  Whether their highway side, or growing in a regularly trampled field, they have a way of just springing back wherever they land. And we’re lucky they do - because a lot rides on them, pollinators LOVE them! Over 93 insects are in the habit of stopping by to say hello to Dandelion. It takes on a pretty pivotal role among honey-producing plants. It is a source of honey way after the main flowers have stopped blooming as it continues to flower and produce nectar and pollen well into the fall. According to Herbalist, Anne McInTyre - Dandelion was also used as a way to tell time - as the blooms were said to open promptly at 5:00 am and close at 8:00 pm. The flowers are incredibly sensitive to any change in weather. You’ll see them happily open, shining under the sun. But with any suggestion of darkness (or bad weather) they’ll snap right up.

It is no accident that dandelion grows so abundantly in places that are heavily populated. Though we imagine that the cure for our ills are complicated, exotic and expensive, often the plants which are meant to be our constant companions love to settle at our feet

- Judith Berger, Herbalist.